Silicone masks that will stick to you

Fantastic masks for individuals, show business, leisure and entertainment professionals.

Silicone masks with a unique character

EXOSKIN is the European brand for handmade silicone masks. All our models are original designs.

  • Design: original creations developed by our artists to make you shiver with pleasure.
  • Paint job: each paint job is unique, it will reveal the personality of your mask.
  • Movement: our mask is your second skin, your expressions giving it new depth.
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Silicone for hyper realistic 3D masks

At EXOSKIN, all of our masks are made of silicone, a flexible material that allows you to play with transparency and textures.

In addition to its hyper-realistic appearance, silicone has many advantages:

  • Hygiene : silicone masks can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Resistance : silicone is UV and perspiration resistant, so you can wear your mask in the sun without risk.
  • Comfort : flexible and pleasant to wear, silicone masks adapt to your morphology.

You haven’t found the mask of your dreams in our catalogue?  EXOSKIN is at your service for any customization. 

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