Fantasy worlds and character creation

When fans of fantasy worlds and character creation meet, masks are never far away.

From prototype to workshop

It all started with Jean-François, Fabienne, Erwan and Daphnée; four friends passionate about fantasy worlds and character creation spending time together at the Belgian International Fantasy Film Festival in 2018.  They decided that day to make their dream come true: create silicone masks.

In 2019, after a brainstorming with character design and entertainment professionals, we chose our name: EXOSKIN.  The team, joined by Dorian, launched the research and development phase, at the Squidlab, Daphnée and Erwan’s special effects workshop.

The first 2 cores and 4 original sculptures were developed by Erwan:   Gérard, the ghoul , Robert, the ratman, Prosper, the patchwork and Gedeon, the goblin.

In September 2020, the EXOSKIN team grew with the arrival of Benoît and Charline.  We moved to our workshop in Etterbeek (Brussels – Belgium).  And with that, new models are launched and EXOSKIN’s high quality silicone masks are available online.

EXOSKIN, in short

Our workshop, located in the heart of Europe’s capital, is our place of work and creativity.  From original sculpture to packaging of the finished product, we cover the entire mask-making process.  Deeply rooted locally and with an international outlook, we remain in constant contact with our community. 

Our approach is based on respect for social ethics.  The well-being of each team member is as important to EXOSKIN as the creativity, rigor and precision required to manufacture the masks.  This also includes paying great attention to the safety of people and the working environment. 

Our team is made up of various talents: managers, designers, creators, technicians.  Like our masks, we each have our own personality.  However, we work together to offer the best of our own specialties, while individually mastering all stages of our production process.  This allows us to be in constant evolution.

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