CYD the cyborg

CYD the cyborg is a little technological gem developed to serve you. Each copy is individually configured to best meet your needs!

Its reinforced structure will make it a perfect worker in the mines of the belt, its emotion module will make it essential in personal services, its tactical module will give you a considerable advantage in all theaters of operation.  Important note: in accordance with galactic law, each of our robots integrates the three laws.

A cyborg is a kind of man-machine developed in literature from the 1950s by authors such as Philip K. Dick or Isaac Asimov.  The concept has clearly been transposed into all the arts since.  Once born of the imagination, cyborgs are also part of reality, with scientific testing since the 1950s as well.  The general idea would be that humans thus “augmented” would be more and more invaded by the machine and therefore less endowed with emotions.

Like all EXOSKIN masks, CYD can be personalized according to your wishes!





Head measurement



High quality silicon


1050 g


Tissu élastique

Black PVC holder




Movement video See Cyd in action!


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Create your own mask

Our products are hand-made and -painted, and we have a limited stock. This means that, if your desired product is not in stock, it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to make it + the time of delivery to your home to get your mask (ask for our updated fabric delays).  Pictures of our paint-schemes are non-binding: slight differences of colour and application may occur.

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