MELCHIOR the techno-mage (damaged)


This Melchior is in the “outlet” section because it is a first print with its imperfections:

– slightly shorter front and back than it should be. The edges of the collar do not follow the initial sculpture but are cut “straight”.

No holes provided for the ears on this model!  Possible to add some, but it is not integrated into the sculpture (mask originally provided for CINEMA, WEBTV…to wear with earplugs under the mask).


MELCHIOR is an alien mage. Joyful and mischievous, his tricks are never very mean.

In the depths of the Universe, years and light-years from Earth, watches the one whom the interstellar government calls when there is no longer any hope: Melchior the techno-mage!

In science fiction, techno-mages are magicians with engineering skills.  They can, through magic, strengthen an object, give it a certain power.  These objects become a bit of an extension of themselves.







Head measurement


High quality silicon


1850 g


Tissu élastique

Black PVC holder



Movement video Voir la vidéo


Out of stock

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