TAMER the troll (damaged)


This lichen-colored copy of TAMER is in the OUTLET section because it has been repaired under the chin (bearly visible).

TAMER is a Scandinavian troll. He has a few magical powers which he likes to trade for food. He sometimes makes silly jokes but isn’t very bad.

He likes to guard bridges or old ruins. You will see him ask complicated questions to people passing by and eat those who have not found the answer.  When he remains motionless for too long in the forest, moss grows on his face, pointing to the North.

The troll is a folkloric creature from Norse, Scandinavian mythology. It embodies the force of nature, the elements or even magic. He is neither God nor man. In science fiction literature, the troll is a strong, naive or sometimes evil giant.





Head measurement


High quality silicon


1500 g


Tissu élastique

Black PVC holder



Movement video See Tamer in action!


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