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Exoskin is a brand managed by:

Avenue des Longicornes 5 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort Belgium

Company number: 886.237.134 VAT number: BE 0886 237 134 Email: admin@exoskin.eu

Conditions of sale

Section 1

Terms of Sales

By validating his order on the site, the customer acknowledges having read and accepts these conditions of sale without reservation and renounces to avail himself of his own.
The customer further acknowledges having the capacity to enter into this contract.

The clauses and conditions mentioned below represent all the agreements and conventions concluded between OBERON+ SRL and the natural or legal persons wishing to make a purchase on the site www.exoskin.eu, despite any contradictory clauses in the order form or other documents issued by the buyer, no deviation from these conditions of sale is permitted without prior written confirmation from OBERON+ SRL.

These general conditions define the terms of sale between OBERON+ SRL and the user, regarding the order, payment and supply.
OBERON+ SRL may decide to subordinate the validity of the general conditions to other particular conditions in the case, for example, of large orders, advance payments, orders placed by minors or non-payment of previous orders.

Section 2

Unless clearly stated otherwise, our offers are issued without engagement and may be modified at any time.

Our prices are indicated without any commitment and may be modified without prior notice. In the event of a price increase between the date of order and that of supply, the order price will apply.

Section 3

For any delivery, transport costs will be charged. Fees are available upon request.

Section 4

The supply is presumed to have been made on departure from our workshop. The goods are always carefully examined before departure and always travel, even in the case of FRANCO sale, at the risk of the addressee, who has the duty to report any damage to the carrier within the prescribed period, upon receipt of the goods.

Section 5

The delivery times mentioned on our website are only valid as an indication and are not binding. Delays can in no way give rise to compensation for any reason given.
Our goods travel, even if the transport costs are exceptionally and by written agreement on our part at our expense, always at the risk and peril of the buyer.

Upon dispatch, the buyer bears the risk of the goods supplied, despite the property right clauses of article 7.

Section 6

The right of ownership will only be transferred to the buyer after full payment of the price. Until then, the goods may never be pledged or sold, OBERON+ SRL remains entitled to take back or demand the return of the goods belonging to it. If OBERON+ SRL uses this right, this will only result in the dissolution of the purchase agreement if OBERON+ SRL explicitly makes this known. In case of seizure of the goods the buyer has the duty to inform OBERON+ SRL.

Section 7

After receipt of payment, OBERON+ SRL ships the goods.
In the event that a payment term has been agreed, the following points shall apply:
As long as the buyer has not fulfilled his payment duties or other obligations, we shall be authorized to suspend any supply.
The goods supplied remain the property of the seller until the corresponding invoice is paid. Any late payment of invoices bears interest automatically and without prior notice at the rate of 1.5% per month from their due date on the principal amount.
If all or part of the aforementioned invoice remains unpaid 30 days after it was sent, the customer will be due a lump sum indemnity of 20% of the principal amount with a minimum of €200 as compensation for all extrajudicial costs, increase with the costs that are incurred if the court has to intervene and without prejudice to the aforementioned conventional interests and without prior formal notice.

Section 8

All complaints must reach us within 8 days by registered mail.
Our guarantee is limited to the quality of our products. If it is defective, our obligations are limited – whatever the consequences of this defect – to the price of the product. OBERON+ SRL is also not liable for consequential damages, such as delays in delivery.

Furthermore, any guarantee against hidden defects expires if the instructions for use have not been followed or the goods have been treated in a non-judicious manner.
If the complaint is recognized as justified, OBERON+ SRL will have the choice between the reimbursement of the goods supplied or the replacement of the goods supplied or their repair. Any other compensation is excluded.

Our instructions for use and any warranties contained in our promotional literature do not in any way invalidate the above clauses and do not engage our liability.
This limitation of liability is also in force when, for whatever reason, our technicians have rendered assistance or advice directly or indirectly in the choice of the product to be used or in the treatment and its use.

Complaints other than those concerning hidden defects are not recognized, the goods taken back or exchanged, if the buyer has carried out one or other intervention on the goods without the prior written agreement of our Technical Department or if complaints have not been forwarded in writing to OBERON+ SRL within 48 hours of receipt. OBERON+ SRL reserves the right of choice between the replacement of goods which have been rightly refused or the refund of the purchase price.
No merchandise may be returned without the prior written consent of our Technical Department. Such an agreement does not mean that the goods are recognized as defective or non-compliant by OBERON+ SRL. Returned goods travel, in any case, at the buyer’s risk and will be sent free of charge to our stores.
For hygienic reasons, products cannot be taken back or exchanged. Products sold will only be taken back on the express condition of being shipped in their original packaging, undamaged and unopened, 20% of the purchase amount will be retained as administrative costs.

Section 9

The above clauses will in no way prevent OBERON+ SRL, in the event of poor payment, from finding the purchaser responsible for the nullity of the purchase agreement and/or from requiring its suspension as of right, as well as from demand compensation for all damages.
If the purchase agreement is terminated by the purchaser or is suspended at his expense, in whole or in part, he will be liable to OBERON+ SRL for lump sum compensation and without prejudice to at least 30% of the amount of the purchase agreement. broken or suspended purchase or part thereof. We reserve the right to demand compensation for any additional damage, as well as costs still to be incurred in order to recover the goods or restore them to their original condition.

Section 10

Any case of force majeure, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, strikes, riots, wars, acts of sabotage, network failures, electronic file coding errors, software limitations or inability to obtain services of telecommunications or government measures cancels our obligations, provided that the parties concerned take all reasonable measures to mitigate the effects resulting from the said situations, this automatically and without any compensation to be paid to the customer.

Section 11

For orders on www.exoskin.eu, a valid agreement is generated between the user and OBERON+ SRL.
Each order implies acceptance of the description and prices of the products sold.

Each order transmitted binds the customer, but binds us only after written confirmation, supply or invoicing on our part.
The delivery times mentioned on our website are only valid as an indication and are not binding and cannot in any case give rise to compensation for any reason invoked.

Section 12

The nullity of a clause or part of it does not entail any nullity for the other clauses.

Section 13

These general terms and conditions remain applicable as long as OBERON+ SRL maintains the online services for the EXOSKIN brand.

Section 14

The courts of the judicial district of Brussels sitting in French have sole jurisdiction for all disputes.

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