Frequently Asked Questions

How to use / maintain an EXOSKIN mask?

Nous vous invitons à regarder la video “manual” qui vous montrera les bases.

I would like to order a mask that is out of stock

We have chosen to leave the masks out of stock visible to allow you to see the rendering of the different variants that we have already made.

Of course, we can make the print of the mask that you like and that is out of stock by applying the same paint scheme / customization as the photos in the store. Contact us to know the production deadlines and the reservation methods.

I am allergic, can I wear an Exoskin mask?

Exoskin masks are made from high quality platinum silicone. This material provides great security against allergies: the producer certifies its Skin Safe products, tested by an independent laboratory.

I am a European professional customer, I would like an invoice excluding VAT

The best, if you are professionals subject to VAT and your company has its headquarters in a country of the European Union (excluding Belgium), is to send us an email at avec votre nom d’entreprise, adresse de siège, adresse de livraison, et numéro de TVA intracommunautaire AVANT tout paiement. Nous adapterons notre facturation et payerez directement le montant corrigé.

Si votre entreprise a déjà payé, nous modifierons les documents et vous rembourserons la TVA.

Les masques EXOSKIN sont-ils solides?

Tous nos masques intègrent une cagoule de renfort invisible en tissu élastique. Cette cagoule en maille souple améliore considérablement la résistance de nos masques et diminue spectaculairement les risques de déchirement aux ouvertures. Nous voulons que votre produit Exoskin dure longtemps!

What are the Exoskin masks intended for?

Our masks are an easy to put on and take off costume. They lend themselves to a multitude of indoor and outdoor uses. They are resistant to bad weather (UV, heat, cold, rain) and to sweat, makeup ...

The wearer is not recognizable and the mask most of the time follows the movements of the face (expressions), which allows to keep a certain acting for example.

Our masks save precious time in makeup (only the eye circumference and possibly the neck for short masks are to be made up) and increase the comfort of the wearer (no allergies, exposure time, attention to wear make-up, retouching…).

We recommend wearing a mask for a maximum of 2 hours in a row. If you have planned a performance of more than 2 hours, allow yourself 15 minutes without a mask every 2 hours to let your skin breathe.

Can you develop a creature just for me?

It would give us the greatest pleasure!

Our creative team loves a challenge. Whether it is to create a new character, a technical improvement, a design for a particular universe or the integration into a costume, we are at your disposal.

Research and development work will be at your expense. Whether we can reuse the design or if you keep it just to yourself will also affect our prices.

Do you offer after-sales service: repairs, new paint, etc.?

Our masks are built to last. If you use them as our instructions indicate, you shouldn't need any repairs.

However, if you have a mask that has been damaged by improper use, an accident, or you bought a second-hand mask in poor condition, we may be able to help you.

We offer a repair service, refreshment, new painting, after evaluation of the work to be done (on photos for example) and agreement on a quote.

When will you be creating new models?

In a very short time, our creative team will be releasing their next model.

From January 2021, we are planning one new model per month.

How big is my mask?

EXOSKIN masks are made of high quality silicone. A stretch fabric weft is integrated into the pull, which gives them great flexibility and elasticity. This is why our masks cover several sizes. For the moment EXOSKIN offers models for adult male wearers. Women, children and adolescents are in the process of development.

Before ordering, check if the model is for you:

  • the model fits my head well: a male model is generally not suitable for a woman (with equal head size, women generally have a shorter head height).
  • your head circumference is within the range of head circumference for which the mask is intended

If you are unsure of a size, don't hesitate to ask us for advice.

What are your delivery methods?

EXOSKIN works with the Belgian delivery service bpost. You receive a tracking number once your shipment is complete.

Your mask is sent to you, with all the care it deserves, on the EXOSKIN black PVC support. We invite you to watch the video “manual”Especially for unpacking.

If your country does not appear in our delivery countries, do not hesitate to ask us for a delivery price offer.

Un modèle me plaît, puis-je le commander personnalisé (couleur, poilage…)?

Absolutely! Everything is possible: a personalized painting, hair, additions (horns, scars, jewelry, etc.)

Le prix des personnalisations est étudié en fonction du travail demandé.

La personnalisation de la peinture n’augmente en général pas le prix de votre masque. Toutefois, si la complexité de votre demande entraîne un surcroît d’heures de travail, exemple: tatouages selon des dessins très précis, reproduction à l’identique d’une oeuvre existante…, un supplément vous sera demandé.

Pour les autres transformations, le prix sera toujours fonction de votre demande.

Bientôt, nous proposerons une gamme d’ajouts dans les produits de la Boutique Exoskin.

In all cases, a lead time must be taken into account for any customization request or order out of stock. Find out more, we will be happy to answer your questions.